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Do You Believe Your Insurance Claim Was Denied in Bad Faith?

When it comes to settling your claim, you might find that the insurance company holds the reigns over many aspects. They have certain ways of negotiating your claim, more financial resources than you, and a variety of other aspects that put them in a high position for being able to help you settle. When it comes to insurance companies, the adjuster has to always act in good faith. So, where do you turn when calculator-385506_1920.jpgyou believe that an insurance company has acted in bad faith when it comes to your claim?

Apple Self-Driving Vehicle Rear-Ended While Merging

An Apple self-driving vehicle was attempting to merge in the Silicon Valley on August 31, when it was suddenly rear-ended by another vehicle. An accident report states that the company is still in the race to try and build the perfect autonomous vehicle.

Maura Tierney Involved in Bicycle Accident, Struck by Vehicle

Maura Tierney, an actress for the acclaimed show "Affair" was involved in a serious bicycle accident and was hospitalized after a vehicle struck her. The accident happened in Los Angeles on Monday, August 27.

Do you have a duty to protect trespassers on your property?

Almost all issues related to premises liability law come to your duty of care (in other words, what responsibilities do you have to ensure that those who come on to your property will not be injured. You of course do not want anyone who comes on your property in Los Angeles to be hurt while there; at the same time, you rightly do not want just anyone coming on to your property. While you likely have no problem ensuring the safety of those you invite as guests (or those who visit your property for legitimate reasons), you may wonder what sort of duty you have to those who are trespassing? 

It first may help to understand what your basic duty of care as a property owner is. Per Section 1001 of California's Civil Jury Instructions, it states that you make use reasonable to identify and address any unsafe condition that could be a danger to others. In this context, addressing such an issue could include: 

  • Repairing a structure, surface or feature
  • Replacing all or part of a damaged structure, surface or feature
  • Providing adequate warning of the danger that a structure, surface or feature poses

Pregnant Mother-of-Three Killed by Suspected Intoxicated Boxer

A pregnant mother-of-three was killed in an accident in Hemet by a suspected intoxicated boxer. The accident took place when she was on speakerphone with her husband, who heard her screams only moments before the accident took place.

Wrongful Deaths Claims: All the Basics You Need to Know

Many accidents in California end with serious results every year. There are thousands of people who will end up being hospitalized with serious injuries, and others will lose their lives in these life-changing accidents. Family members and friends of a loved one might feel helpless if they have lost somebody close to them due to the negligent actions of another party. Where do you turn in one of these difficult times?

Time Limits in Your Case Known as the 'Statute of Limitations'

When you have been involved in a serious personal injury accident, you have however long you need to file a claim, right? You want to take enough time to recover and not have to worry about the stress of bringing a claim against another party. However, this is not the case and, with many things, there are time limits for being able to bring your claim. If you do not bring your case within the statute of limitations, the consequences could be severe, in fact - you could be barred from bringing your claim at all.

Help! My Injuries Did Not Show Up Immediately After My Car Accident

Car accidents tend to be extremely traumatic accidents because they happen out of nowhere when you least expect them. When people are involved in an accident and they believe it is minor, they might be surprised to find that they have walked away without a scratch. But is an injury hiding just under the surface and you just don't know it? What if your injuries didn't show up immediately following an accident?

After a Car Accident, Should You Always Call Law Enforcement?

If you have been involved in a car accident, what is the first thing that you think of? Many people might think of aspects like calling their insurance or speaking with an attorney before all else. However, before you do anything, you should always call law enforcement officials to the scene of your accident. They will be able to assess the scene and ensure that everybody is safe, as well as make a police report that can be helpful to you. But do you always have to call the police to the scene of your accident?

Personal Injury Attorney or Insurance Company: Who Do I Call?

Immediately following an accident, many people think that the first person they should call after seeing their doctor is the insurance company. Insurance companies are looking out for our best interests and want to help us receive the compensation we deserve after an accident, right? The truth is, you should always speak to your personal injury attorney following a serious accident, especially when you are concerned about your finances and other aspects of your case.

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