Man Sues After Falling Outside of Lowe’s

Homeowners and commercial property managers in Los Angeles certainly cannot control the weather. They may, however, be able to control their responses to it. It may be easy to overlook a slick driveway or sidewalk, thinking that as soon as the sun comes out, the problem will be solved. Yet property owners (especially those who anticipate seeing a lot of foot traffic on their properties) may not be able to afford to assume that risk. All it may take is a single false step by a visitor or patron, and they could be facing massive liability claims. 

The ease with which one can be injured in a fall was demonstrated in a recent case involving a visitor to a Lowe’s store in Illinois. The victim is suing the home improvement retailer for more than $50,000 to cover the expenses associated with an accident that occurred on the company’s grounds. In his lawsuit, he says that he was simply walking into the store when he stepped on a slick surface and fell. He alleges that the company has not only negligent in allowing water, snow, and ice to accumulate on the ground, but also in not already addressing the uneven surface itself. 

When property owners invite others on to their grounds, they may be doing so not knowing that hazards on the properties exist that could lead to injuries. It is, however, their responsibility to discover and address such issues, as a failure to do so is the basis of a majority of premises liability cases. Those looking to hold a property owner responsible for his or her negligence may wish to secure the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.