Where Does California Rank in Workplace Injuries?

Here is some good news to share! Throughout California and the U.S., the occurrence of workplace injuries is on the decline and has been since 2002. According to a recent article in the Orange County Register, federal estimates show that 5,000 fewer injuries occurred in 2016 than in 2015; total injuries in both government and private workplaces numbered 466,000, a decrease from the total of 471,000 in 2015. While there was a dip to 441,000 injuries in the recent recession, that low is attributed to having fewer people in the workplace. Regardless, the 2016 estimate is a huge decrease from 2002’s total of 694,000, after which injuries began declining.

With all of these statistics about injuries, you may be wondering what type of injury is most common. It is interesting to note these additional points from California’s analysis of the federal data:

  • Riskiest industries: Agriculture, mining and logging as one category, then construction.
  • Most likely to be hurt: Men between the ages of 45 and 54 who have been with the same company five years or longer.
  • Most common cause of injury: In order, they are overexertion and being hit with or striking other objects.
  • Most frequent injuries: Muscle sprains, strains and tears.
  • Body areas hurt most often: Upper arms and torso.

Private employers in the state report a higher per-person rate of injury than the federal average. California workers average 3.3 injuries per 100 full-time workers vs. a national average of 2.9 per 100. The Golden State ranks as the 17th worst state in overall injuries. 

If you were hurt at work and denied worker’s compensation or feel a settlement offer is unfair, you may wish to contact an attorney for a review of your case. A lawyer with expertise in personal injury may be able to help you receive the compensation you are due.

This article on workplace injuries is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal advice.