Boy Killed in Crosswalk Collision in Montclair


pedestrians crossing a crosswalkCar collisions, pedestrian accidents and other incidents with the potential to cause serious injury or death often may have a criminal element involved. Then again, they may be nothing more than accidents where no criminal charges are warranted. Many in Los Angeles might believe that in cases where no criminal culpability is determined, there is no opportunity to pursue a civil liability case. Yet that may not always be true. Negligence or recklessness may not need to present to seek compensation to cover the expenses associated with an accident. 

Take the example of a recent pedestrian accident that occurred in Montclair. A young boy was struck by a truck as he was walking through a crosswalk on his way to school. Sadly, the boy died from the injuries he sustained in the collision. Local law enforcement authorities reported that the driver of the truck stayed at the scene after the accident and was completely cooperative. They claim that the driver was not impaired, and distracted driving due to cell phone use does not appear to have been a factor, either. 

While it appears that this tragic accident was just that, that may not mean that grounds do not exist to build a civil case. One need not have intentionally caused an accident in order to be deemed liable for it. Some might argue that pursuing a liability case in a situation where no criminal charges were filed is the simple one being vindictive. Yet what is lost in this assumption is the fact that accident victims (and their families) might be compelled to seek compensation in order to afford the costs that their incidents force them to deal with. Those who need assistance in seeking such compensation may find it in the form of an experienced attorney. 

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