How Can I Safely Share the Road With Trucks?

If you frequently travel on Los Angeles’s many highways, you’re no doubt familiar with the sight of trucks and other large vehicles. Operating these vehicles is quite different when compared to driving a passenger vehicle, and it’s important to know how to share the road to ensure a safe experience for everyone. The Federal Motor Carrier Association offers the following tips to help you and your passengers to stay safe.

1. Don’t Tailgate

Driving closely behind a truck is known as tailgating. While it’s important to leave a sufficient amount of room between yourself and other vehicles, tailgating large trucks is particularly dangerous because it leaves you in the truck’s blind spot. Trucks have several blind spots, which are areas where the driver is unable to see you due to the size of their vehicle. In this case, it’s recommended that drivers leave at least 30 feet between their vehicles and large trucks.

2. Don’t Drive Aggressively

Truck drivers are often limited in how fast they can drive due to rules and regulations. It may seem as though a truck is driving too slowly as a result, which can cause aggressive driving behavior in other drivers. It’s best to refrain from honking or speeding angrily around a truck if this occurs; instead, pass the vehicle in the proper lane when the route is clear.

3. Allow Extra Turning Room

Trucks also tend to make much wider turns due to their size. Accordingly, a truck may start a turn from the middle lane, which can confuse other drivers. You can prevent accidents from occurring by always stopping at the specified area when approaching the intersection to allow any large vehicles enough room to turn. Also, don’t try to quickly pass between the truck and the curb should you see one making a turn.  

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