Can Your Cell Phone Prevent an Accident?

You have probably heard a lot about how cell phones lead to distracted driving, which in turn leads to accidents on California roadways. However, have you heard that cell phones may also be able to help stop distracted driving and prevent accidents? You probably have not, but the Huffington Post explains that some cell phones are equipped with a feature that can help keep you safer when you are behind the wheel.

Cell phone manufacturers do not want you to text and drive or otherwise be distracted by your phone. While you can be told by them and through law enforcement campaigns that you should not be on your phone while driving, that does not always stop you or others, which is obvious when you look at distracted driving accident statistics.

To combat this dangerous habit, some cell phones come with a feature called Drive Mode. Many phones have this feature that allows you to put your phone into a special mode when you are driving. This mode prevents you from being able to text or use the phone. Some phones may also allow you to set a prewritten message that texts people who text you saying that you are driving and will respond once you are at your destination. Typically, while in this mode, the phone does not ring or make any notification noise, so you never even know you have been contacted.

Using this mode can help you to be more focused on driving. However, you have to set the mode every time before you start to drive. If you forget, it will not do you much good. This information is for education and is not legal advice.