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Liability's Major Role in California Drunk Driving Claim

Many people are injured and even lose their lives in serious drunk driving cases that take place on our Los Angeles roads and freeways every year. In fact, nearly 29 people will lose their lives in these horrific alcohol-related car accidents every year across the entire country. This means there was one person killed nearly every 50 minutes in 2016 due to these outright negligent actions.

Drunk driving plays a significant role in those totals, and too many occur in Los Angeles. If you've been the victim of a drunk driver or if a loved one lost their life in a DUI accident, the wrongful death and catastrophic injury attorneys at Selarz Law Group can help.

Effects of Alcohol on Driving

Alcohol is extremely dangerous when it is mixed with those who are utilizing our roadways due to many reasons. Alcohol affects every function in your body, which candrink-driving-808790_1920.jpg impair your thinking in a variety of ways. This means that you could experience a loss of judgment, loss of small muscle control, poor muscle coordination, deterioration of reaction time, and more. If somebody made the decision to enter the roadways due to negligent drinking actions, and you have been injured as a result, you should know that you have a variety of rights in your case.

Successfully Proving Your Case

If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident due to the negligence of another party who chose to drive drunk, you might wonder how you can prove liability in your case. Many people think that this is the easiest step because somebody has engaged in such a reckless action and will be found to have committed a crime. However, those injured in these accidents continue to run into difficulties proving their claims every year, which is why you need to learn how to protect your claim from the very beginning.

One thing that you have to remember when proving liability in your California drunk driving case is this: Just because somebody was drunk, this does not automatically make them liable for your injuries. What makes them liable is the fact that they chose to drink and drive and it caused your accident. You have to be able to show that the accident only happened due to their intoxication. However, t if a drunk driver is charged by police, you are in a strong position to prove your claim and show that you were not the driver at fault for the accident. Having an arrest on record is one of the best ways to prove that somebody was acting negligently at the time of your accident.

After you have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, one of the best things that you can do to show liability is being able to prove to police that the driver was drunk at the time. You should always watch for signs of intoxication at the time of your accident and alert police if you believe that somebody is under the influence. Having that initial police report and medical documentation from your accident on file will help you majorly when it comes time to prove your case.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

At the Selarz Law Corp., we want to stand by your side and offer our support to you when you need it the most following one of these serious accidents. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another party, you have rights and protections under personal injury laws in our state. Do not hesitate to contact us today at 310-651-8685 for a free consultation to find out what we can do for you.

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