Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The moments after getting into a serious accident are scary and uncertain, and you may have many questions about what to do next. Selarz Law Corp. offers experienced legal advice and vigorous advocacy on behalf of personal injury accident victims across California. Our attorneys can answer all of your questions during a free initial consultation. But in the meantime, these are answers to the personal injury questions we hear most often.

How much is my case worth?

How much your case is worth depends on the expenses you suffer as a result of the accident. You may be eligible to receive compensation for medical treatment, property damage, lost wages, lost earning capacity, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Because the exact amount is tied to these factors, the more evidence you have, the better — and rarely do you see minor slip-and-fall incidents result in multimillion-dollar settlements.

What if I'm not yet aware of the extent of my injuries?

Always seek immediate medical attention following a serious accident, even if you feel fine. Some injuries do not present themselves until weeks after an accident, but by delaying medical treatment, you give the other side a concrete case against you (e.g., you could have avoided high medical costs by going to the doctor right away). Even if nothing is wrong, you are still able to be reimbursed for a checkup following your accident.

What do I do after getting in a car accident?

Remain calm, assess the situation and call law enforcement. After the incident has died down, take pictures of the scene and exchange insurance information with any other drivers involved. For more information on first steps, visit our car accidents page.

What if I can't afford a personal injury lawyer?

There is no upfront cost to hiring a personal injury attorney — you start with a free initial consultation, and you pay us only if we successfully secure you compensation. Our fees are a percentage of the compensation we secure you, so you know we are always fighting for the best possible result.

Why can't I just accept the insurance company's offer?

Insurance companies hardly ever have your best interests in mind. They operate on a profit and are determined to keep your payout to a minimum so they can cut their costs and pocket the difference. Simply contacting a claims agent on your own makes you an easy target for their tactics — such as trying to get you to admit fault over the phone, significantly lowering your claim. Our firm will talk to the insurance company on your behalf, and it is our goal to get every last penny you deserve.

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