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$9.5 million awarded in truck vs. pedestrian case

Selarz Law Corp., along with Thomas M. Dempsey of the Law Offices of Thomas M. Dempsey and Aryan Sarbaz of Sarbaz Law Corp., had the privilege of representing a sixty-four year-old woman, who suffered life-threatening injuries, when a City Garbage Truck made a right turn and violently struck our client, as she was legally in the crosswalk, on her way to the grocery store, at the intersection of Torrance Blvd. and Anza Avenue in the city of Torrance, California.

The impact left our client with catastrophic injuries, including extensive degloving of her right leg, a complete dislocation of her right patella, comminuted, compound and displaced fractures of her right femur and tibia. Our client further sustained multiple lacerations and fractures throughout her head, shoulders, and hips and was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury.

The Defendant refused to take responsibility for the collision, and attempted to blame our client for the accident. After two years of aggressive litigation, the Defendant City eventually admitted 100% fault for the collision. On the eve of trial, we were able to secure a record-breaking settlement of $9,500,000.00, which will guarantee that our client has access to the medical treatment that she needs for the rest of her life.

$(amount pending) cybersecurity class action

$175,000 auto vs. auto

$125,000 defective product

$100,000 auto vs. auto

$100,000 auto vs. auto

$100,000 auto vs. auto

$100,000 auto vs. auto

$99,000 premises negligence

$58,000 slip-and-fall

$42,000 slip-and-fall